Directory Synchronization

"John D. Burgher" <> Thu, 01 June 1995 22:08 UTC

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Hey Folks:

Greetings from Southern Arizona.  I've been lurking for about a year now,
and this is my first contribution.  I appreciate the insights I've obtained
and I hope my questions stimulate healthy debate on one of the most
important issues in regards to X.500 Directory Services.

My questions are in regards to Directory Synchronization.  I'm responsible
for integrating a large system consisting of diverse hardware platforms and
software applications.  I'm worried about synchronizing the various Naming
Convention Standards which comprise my different directories.  I've got a
host of X.400 and SMTP based e-mail applications and I know I must make sure
that everyone can send and receive messages from everyone else.  I know
about Name Servers and Host Files, but I'm sure that I don't have a good
handle on everything else I need to be looking at in order to guarantee

Does anyone have experience with these issues?  I'd really appreciate some
help defining the myriad of issues surrounding Directory Synchronization.
Does anyone have pointers towards case studies of real-world solutions to
this problem?


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