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>To: jgill@nsf.gov
>Cc: genovese@ophelia.nersc.gov, osi-ds@cs.ucl.ac.uk
>Subject: re: Yet another X.400 vs SMTP question
>Here is my two cents on the religious war since I have been on
>both sides of the fence.
>Frankly, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are
>the books written for both sides, and you be the judge.
>--------------------- CUT HERE      ------------------->
>Books related to email:
>o  The Internet Message, closing the book with Electronic Mail
>     by Marshall T. Rose, Prentice Hall, 1993. (I just got this).
>o  Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol. I, Principles, Protocols, and
>     Architecture, by Douglas E. Comer, Prentice hall, 1991. 2/E
>o  X.400 Message Handling Standards, Interworking, Applications,
>     by B. Plattner, C. Lanz, H. Lubich, M. Muller, T.Watter,
>     Addision-Wesley, 1991.
>o  Open Network with OSI, by Adrian Tang, Sophia Sciggins, Prentice
>     Hall, 1992.
>o  Standards for Open Systems Interconnection, Keith G.Knigtson,
>     Terry Knowles, John Larmouth, McGraw-Hill, 1988.
>o  The Little Black Book, Mail Bonding with OSI Directory Services,
>     Marshall T. Rose, Prentice Hall, 1992.
>o  The  Open Book, A Practical Perspective on OSI, by Marshall Rose,
>     Prentice Hall, 1990.
>o  Computer Network, Second Edition, by Andrew Tanenbaum,
>     Prentice Hall, 1988.
>o  Open Systems Interconnection Handbook, edited by Gary McClain,
>     McGraw-Hill, 1991.
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James, et. al.

Add one more:

Electronic Mail: An Introduction to the X.400 Message Handling Standards
  by Sara Radicati, McGraw-Hill, 1992



It seems to me that somewhere in this thread a request was made for a comparison
and not a recommendation.

This clarification (if correct) will benefit my reply to these messages (I
promise not to make it to lengthy :-D ).  Our shop has put in many 100's of man
hours, studying these issue for DoD and EOP, et. al.

As well as other Transition and coexistence issues.


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