Re: LDAP Comments

Christian Huitema <> Mon, 17 May 1993 16:54 UTC

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As much as I like to disagree with you, I don't believe we disagree in this
case. I advanced that LIST and "search one level etc." are not stricto sensu
equivalent, as one accesses the content of the entry while the other does not,
and you replied that this particular search could be implemented with
essentially the same resources than LIST -- by recognizing automatically that
the filter is always true. I think both propositions are correct. In any case,
I do agree with you that using LIST is a bad idea in general. For one think, it
enforces the very part of X.500 that I dislike most -- the hierarchical

Having exactly one access operation in LDAP is a fine design. The fact that it
may slightly depart from the CCITT/ISO spec has about zero importance.

Christian Huitema