LDAP-1.0 Release Announcement

Tim Howes <tim@terminator.cc.umich.edu> Fri, 24 July 1992 03:39 UTC

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Subject: LDAP-1.0 Release Announcement
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 92 22:49:20 -0400
From: Tim Howes <tim@terminator.cc.umich.edu>

Sorry for the cross posting...            -- Tim

			A N N O U N C E M E N T

    I am pleased to announce release 1.0 of UM-LDAP, an implementation
    of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.  LDAP is a soon-to-be
    proposed standard lightweight protocol for accessing X.500, that
    runs over TCP/IP.  It is similar in function to the DAS and DIXIE
    protocols described in RFC's 1202 and 1249, respectively.  LDAP
    itself is currently described by the Internet Drafts osi-ds-26 and

    This release includes the following components:

	- LDAP server

	- Asynchronous client library

	- Synchronous client library

	- Lightweight BER encoding/decoding library

	- Sundry sample client programs

    ISODE-8.0 and QUIPU are required to build the server, but the client
    libraries can be made separately without having ISODE.


    This software is freely available to anyone for any lawful purpose,
    subject to U-M copyright notices and disclaimers.  The software is
    available for anonymous ftp from the host terminator.cc.umich.edu
    in the x500/ directory.  The file is called ldap-1.0.tar.Z.


    The software is provided as is without any express or implied
    warranty, but there is a bug reporting mail address which is
    responded to on a best-effort basis:


    In addition, there is a discussion list for issues relating to this
    implementation of ldap:

	ldap@terminator.cc.umich.edu		-- discussion list
	ldap-request@terminator.cc.umich.edu	-- to join the list

    Comments or questions about the LDAP protocol in general should be
    sent to the OSI-DS discussion group:



    The software is known to run on a Sun 4 under SunOS 4.1.1, and the
    client libraries have been ported to the Apple Macintosh.  Future
    releases will likely be ported to other platforms.