Draft Report on 1993 X.500

Andrew Waugh <A.Waugh@mel.dit.csiro.au> Tue, 15 March 1994 11:46 UTC

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Subject: Draft Report on 1993 X.500
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 15:39:53 +1000
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From: Andrew Waugh <A.Waugh@mel.dit.csiro.au>

As part of a quest to understand the new 1993 X.500 standard I wrote
a lengthy description on the details of the new version. (There is no
way to learn something like attempting to explain it :-)

I've just finished a beta version of the document and was wondering
if anyone would like to read it to see if
i)	It is readable and understandable;
ii)	I haven't made too many eregious statements; and
iii)	There is anything else I should cover.

It covers:
	The changes to the DIT;
	The changes to the X.500 DAP operations;
	The new directory schema;
	The new access control scheme;
	The new administration models (including schema management,
		security management, and collective attributes);
	The new DSA model and how Knowledge is managed;
	The new replication model and related protocols.
It includes an index and cross references to the standard!

I've already found it invaluable when I have to go back and
re-understand one of the new features!
The final report should be published as a CSIRO Technical Report.

The document is available for anonymous ftp from shark@mel.dit.csiro.au,
file staff/ajw/1993-X-500.ps.Z

andrew waugh