Re: DSA Stats for the fortnight ....

Steve Titcombe <> Mon, 13 April 1992 10:51 UTC

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From: Steve Titcombe <>
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	Hi there,

   >Again I have to observe that something has been changed in the probing process,
   >   1. FR emse OPAXdsa
   >	is still the same soft on the same machine
   >	and the same availability as before
   >	while stats were between 90 and 100 % for last year
   >		they are now 0!
   >	[[ BTW there is no much sense in probing this phased out DSA
   >	even if it still runs ]]
   >   2. FR urec OPAXdsa
   >	the new and official french master has been available
   >	at least 90 to 95% of the time, which is far from the figures given
   >	by Steve.
   >	[[ We have logs proving the access from many QUIPU DSA
   >	all around the world at any hours]]
There has been no change in the probe at all. I have removed the old "emse"
and replaced it with the new one. The only difference that this makes is a:
the number of probes decreases, and b: the output format gets "mushed" for
one set of results. 

   >Steve are you sure you are using the correct PSAP for these DSA?
I'm using the one in the directory! I hope that one is right.

	Steve Titcombe
	   University College London.