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How are you?

 I really appreciate LDAP distribution. ldapd and sldapd are installed on SUN4 with your distribution. Now I am interested in connecting DSA with ldapd on SUN and DUA on PC.
 I tries to build ldap and lber libraries and build BUD(bud.exe) for LDAP on DOS.  
I have trouble with c1 DOS C compiler and nmake in your makefile.msc and implib for LDAP on MSWindows.  Please let me kwno where and how I can get those tools.

What about windua made bye university of brussel? That windua is just connected by their specific server( 
How can I connect that windua on PC and ldapd on SUN? Please teach me.

Sorry about that question instead of bug-report.

Sincerely yours,

			Sep. 5, 1995

	Ro,cheul woo    
	Associant professor, Computer science department
	Pusan Women's university
	KwaeBop-dong, Buck-gu, Pusan, 616-060, Korea

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