OSI-DS 32 (Geir's document on Character Sets)

Steve Hardcastle-Kille <S.Kille@cs.ucl.ac.uk> Mon, 09 March 1992 10:43 UTC

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Now in the archives.  I will put this on the Agenda


        Supporting national characters
        in the Internet and COSINE X.500 Directory
	G. Pedersen
	March 1992
We are in the process of building a global X.500 based directory. In
many countries it is seen as essential for the success of the dir-
ectory that it is able to recognise, store and present textual info-
rmation, like personal and organisational names, represented in the
character sets used by those concerned. This means the directory must
be able to handle national characters not found in the English alpha-
bet. As we are still in an early phase in establishing the directory
as a widly available network service, now is a good time to tackle the
issues related to supporting usage of national characters in the

This document discusses the requirements with respect to support for
national characters from the directory as well as ways to meet the
identified requirements. Finaly a recommendation on how to support
national characters in the Internet and COSINE X.500 Directory is

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