Extending X.500 Directory Functionality

CAL@SLACVM.EARN Thu, 30 April 1992 22:07 UTC

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Subject: Extending X.500 Directory Functionality
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 I having been looking into  putting some network information into
 my X.500 directory.  In particular I would like to have directory
 entries which contain a nodename,  ethernet address,  IP address,
 subnet information,  etc.,  and allow users to inquire via 'WHOIS
 node,nodename@WP' (or  the equivalent)   on any  system for  that
    It seems like a formidable task.  Is there some short cut that
 I am missing? I certainly have no problem formatting the informa-
 tion into a flat file for an EDB.   But I don't know what defined
 fields are available  to hold the information.    In addition,  I
 think I would have to modify  'whois.c' in the ISODE distribution
 kit to handle responses.  I am not sure even that would do it.  I
 do not have a  lot of time to do coding.   I  was really hoping I
 could simply add a new EDB file and make one or to quick configu-
 ration mods without modifying any code.  Is that possible?
 Thanks .... Connie Logg
  Stanford Linear Accelerator Center