Request for X.500 advanced usages Mon, 29 June 1992 17:20 UTC

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Subject: Request for X.500 advanced usages

This mailing is originally going out to the OIW list, DISI, WPP (in the U.S.),
and osi-ds. Please forward this on to other mail lists as appropriate,
especially European, Asian, and Austrailian ones. 
Chris Weider
Chair, DISI

X.500 Advanced Usages Query

The Directory Information Services Infrastructure (DISI) of the Internet 
Engineering Task Force (IETF) is looking for descriptions of the ways you 
use (or plan to use) X.500 in your organization.

These descriptions will be collated into an 'Advanced Usages' document 
which will eventually be published as an Internet RFC and will be 
available from many locations around the world! If you're using X.500 to 
keep track of what's in your fridge, let us know! If you're using it to 
provide directory services to  your campus, let us know!  We'll accept 
(and publish) almost anything, but are particularly interested in (you 
guessed it) Advanced Usages!  Even if your current projects using X.500 
aren't finished yet, let us know what you're trying to do.

Once we get a draft of our RFC together, we will send it back to you to 
review before we publish (if your description ends up in the RFC).

If you know someone who would be able to contribute, please pass this
message on.


Jake Feinler,
Chris Weider,
Russ Wright,, editors

Please fill out the following form and send to any of the above addresses 
by July 10, 1992 for the first draft of the document.

Application Name:


Company or Institution:

e-mail address for more information:

If this is a product for public distribution, please give us the 

  ftp address if available via FTP:
  Directions to obtain product if a commercial product:

Short Description (< 100 words):

Full Description (< 1 page):