X.500 Forms Available

Christopher Walon Apple <capple@arch4.ho.att.com> Wed, 04 October 1995 04:40 UTC

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Subject: X.500 Forms Available

Please excuse multiple receipt of multiple copies of this message.

On-line Updating Facilities for the entries in RFC 1632: A Revised
Catalog of Available X.500 Implementations are available on


Select the "The On-line X.500 Directory Implementations Catalog" link
and read the instructions.

PLEASE!!! Do not use the forms until you have either contacted or been
contacted by Chris Apple (AT&T Bell Laboratories) or Ken Rosen (SHL System
House, Inc.) (contact info below) to set up a contact with whome we can
verify the accuracy and authenticity of information submitted. Note: this
condition applies to ALL implementors, even to those with existing
implementation descriptions in RFC 1632.

New implementation descriptions can also be submitted using the facilities
linked to this page; please read and follow the links relevant to
submitting new implementation descriptions if you are submitting one that
was not included in RFC 1632. Again, please do not do this until you have
set up a contact with either Chris Apple or Ken Rossen (contact info

The forms are unfortunately quite long, so you may want to print them out
or look through them first before beginning.

Since the IETF IDS Working Group Milestone for revising RFC 1632 indicates
that an Internet-Draft will be submitted for comments in time to discuss
it at the December meeting. Implementors are encouraged to complete the
on-line forms or to submit implementation descriptions by alternate means
no later than November 15, 1995.

We realize this is slightly less than six weeks, but ample time will be
available to modify descriptions during the review cycle of the
resulting Internet-Draft.

General Instructions for Completing the Forms:

1) Please complete both the Implementation Keywords Collection Form and the Text
Implementation Description Form.

2) Implementation descriptions present in RFC 1632 can be pulled up by
following the instructions and appropriate links, so that you can
edit the old description text.

3) Click on the submit button at the end of the forms when done. There is a
reset button at the end of the form also.

4) You will receive a copy via e-mail of the information received and will
be expected to provide a verification of the authenticity and accuracy of
the information received. You can simply reply to the e-mail with
corrections or with an indicator that everything looks ok. No inputs
submitted via these forms will be accepted unless such a verification
reply is received.

5) Contact one of the two individuals listed below unless one of them has
already set up a contact with you.

Questions can be directed to:

Chris Apple
AT&T Bell Laboratories
voice: (908) 949-5937
fax: (908) 949-8569

You can set up a contact with one of the following two people:

Chris Apple
AT&T Bell Laboratories
101 Crawfords Corner Rd.
Holmdel, NJ 07733-3030
E-MAIL: capple@arch4.ho.att.com
VOICE: (908) 949-5937
FAX: (908) 949-5937

Ken Rossen
SHL Systemhouse, Inc.
10 Williamsville Road
Hubbardston Center, MA 01452-1311
E-MAIL: kenr@shl.com
VOICE: (508) 928-5368
FAX: (508) 928-5399 

Please send the following information when setting up a contact:

Company or Organization Name:
Implementation or Product Name(s):
Name of Contact Person:
Voice Telephone Number of Contact Person:
FAX Number of Contact Person: (optional)
E-MAIL Address of Contact Person: