NIR BOF at IETF Sun, 05 July 1992 20:22 UTC

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Subject: NIR BOF at IETF
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 There will be a Networked Information Retrieval BOF on the evening of
 Tuesday 14th July.  It is intended that this BOF will lead to an NIR
 WG under the Applications Area.

 Chairs: George Brett and Jill Foster


 To increase the useful base of information about networked information
 retrieval (NIR) tools, their developers, interested organisations, and
 other activites that relate to the production, dissemination, and
 support of NIR tools.

 To produce documentation that will enable user services organizations
 to provide better support for NIRtools.

 To develop materials that will assist the support and training of end


 Produce "Consumer Report" of NIR Tools that should include information
 such as where to get the various client software, ease of use (from
 the user's point of view), how to make information available using the
 various applications, etc.  This document should be in draft stage by
 November 1992 for discussion at the RARE User's Spt.  Mtg as well as
 the Fall IETF meeting.

 Produce annotated list of Activities and Organizations that are
 focusing on NIR Tools.  This document should be in draft stage by
 November 1992 for discussion at the RARE User's Spt.  Mtg as well as
 the Fall IETF meeting.


 I.   Introduction
         assembled introduce themselves and describe their interest in

 II.  Statements from Brett & Foster about their projects.
         Brett:  Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery &
         Foster: RARE USIS Group
         Foster & Brett: thoughts on collaborative ventures.

 III. Discussion about scope of the topic.
        What can be included in the list of NIR applications. (ie. does
        this include various email interfaces or news handlers?)

 IV.  Discussion of the "Consumer Report"
         What are the necessary details to make this document complete?

 V.   Discussion of initiatives and groups that are working in NIR.
         What groups, orgs, individuals are doing significant work in the
         area of NIR tools. Create a document/info base that will help
         locate and track these folks (if they want to be.)

 VI.  Delegation of tasks to the assembled.

 VII. Futures
         Directions this group may take such as standards, training,
         manuals and documentation, etc.

                                          George Brett and Jill Foster