LDAP toolkit

Marty Schleiff <schleiff@bcstec.ca.boeing.com> Tue, 21 November 1995 15:30 UTC

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This is just an informal description of a "toolkit" I would 
like to see which would simplify the bulding of applications
which need access to X.500.  Have any of you come across such 
a thing?	
Currently The Boeing Company has an X.500 DUA for Windows which was
developed in-house.  This application is written in Visual Basic.  
It utilizes Boeing-developed DLLs which simplify the task of bringing
LDAP capabilities to Visual Basic (and other) applications.  

Rather than build such applications on top of Boeing-developed DLLs, 
we would prefer utilizing a vendor-provided "productized toolkit" 
which includes appropriate libraries and DLLs, documentation, software 
support, and maintenance (keep the toolkit current with LDAP specifications).

Can any of you point me in the direction I should look?
Marty Schleiff
Boeing Corporate Electronic Directory Service