RE: NIST XAPIA archives

Alexis Bor <> Wed, 07 February 1996 18:50 UTC

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From: Alexis Bor <>
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Subject: RE: NIST XAPIA archives

You need to ftp the files in binary format.  The .doc file is in word 6.0 
format.  If you still have problems, let me know and I can mail to you the doc 
as a uuencoded attachment.

Alexis Bor
chair, xapia directory sync committee

From: 	Andrew Waugh
Sent: 	February 07, 1996 12:50 AM
To: 	Andrew Waugh
Subject: 	NIST XAPIA archives

I'm having trouble getting a readable copy of the final report of
XAPIA work from the NIST archives.*/

I could retrieve the files, but they all seemed to be corrupted;
the doc file wasn't in ascii, and my version of word wouldn't read
either the rtf or ww2 files.

Does anyone have any suggestions (I'm probably doing something wrong :-)
or has a readable copy of the file themselves?