Paul Barker <> Thu, 27 May 1993 17:47 UTC

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Subject: DE release (PARADISE DUA)
Date: Thu, 27 May 93 17:33:25 +0100
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From: Paul Barker <>
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   All the usual apologies about cross-posting ...

   At long last, I can announce the fourth release of DE, the
(queries only) DUA produced by the PARADISE project.  The major features of
this release over previous versions (such as that included in ISODE-8.0) are:

o Power searching - the ability to specify a query which will search an
  entire country sub-tree.

o LDAP support - same functionality (within a whisker) as the DAP version
  but the binary is only bout 10% the size.

o DOS version, which uses LDAP

N.B.  The LDAP code is almost entirely the work of Andy Powell of the 
      University of Bath

If you want to try the interface, you can by:

telnet to:           login dua
    login dua

PAD to:    23421920014853 (PSS)
           20433450400253 (IXI)
           00004001056053 (JANET)

You can obtain the software by anonymous FTP from dirpilot/de4.tar.Z

  and by FTAM from

	00000511160013, username = anon, no password

If you take the software, you are asked to observe the licence agreement
outlined in the README file.


P.S.  Releases of the IDM (Interactive Directory Manager) and BLT (Bulk Load
      Tools) software will be made within the next few days.