WD on Operational Security

"by way of egardner@mitre.org (Ella P. Gardner)" <H.Kesterson@az05.bull.com> Fri, 01 September 1995 18:59 UTC

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From: "by way of egardner@mitre.org (Ella P. Gardner)" <H.Kesterson@az05.bull.com>
Subject: WD on Operational Security

the wd on operational security is on the osi file server in two forms, word (use
binary file transfer) and binhexed stuffit sea (use text file transfer).

anonymous ftp to NC-17.MA02.Bull.com
the directory is /pub/OSIdirectory/Ottawa95output

please note tht i have changed the directory name (old name was 95OttawaOutput).
this new directory also contains the management documents that were in the old