Re: root knowledge

Sylvain Langlois <> Mon, 27 April 1992 08:14 UTC

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To: Steve Hardcastle-Kille <>
Subject: Re: root knowledge
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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1992 10:13:04 +0100
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From: Sylvain Langlois <>

> I can see arguments for other means of distributing the knowledge information
> additional to the protocol described in RFC 1276.  Use of a file format is
> one appraoch.   Another might be a stub server, whihc allows a standalone 
> process to extract the information dynamically, which can be modified to 
> allow output in a convenient format.
I'm not  sure we need  to go such  a sophisticated way.   What you are
proposing is moreor less kind of a "proxy  server". I have the feeling
(though I have  not investigated  this  way  yet) that protocols  like
DIXIE, DAS or  any other in the  lightweight  vein could  handle  this
quite easily. 
If  you are  going   towards   a  "sexy"  solution, maybe  we   should
investigate the KAN tools Marshall is developping for NADF? 
I   think what   we  need    very   urgently    is  some     sort   of
dish/awk/perl/sed/... script  to build up a  text  file  which  can be
carried around  with FTP  or mail  in an automated  way and some other
formatting script. This looks simpler to me and much  easier to run in
a few days?


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