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>	I'm running an isolated development DIT consisting of root and half a
>dozen countries.  I can search below individual country levels OK :-) but
>occasionally I need to search all countries, ie below root, and I can't figure
>out how to do this :-(	 Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Depends on just what you want to do. A simple search *of* countries
might look like this (dish syntax):

search @ -filter c=no

Remember that `c=' values are always ISO 3166 two-letter country codes
so `c=england' will never match. Another attribute is available for
that sort of search, but it is not part of the base standard:

search @ -filter friendlyCountryName=england

If on the other hand you wanted to do a *subtree* search of the whole
world then Quipu would rather you stopped and thought about what this
might do! In your current case where you have the `world' in one DSA
it could be done, but in the general case it is completely
unreasonable to impose your search on every DSA in the world. A DSA
manager can do such a search anyway, but other users are constrained
by the Quipu tailoring variable `searchlevel' which is normally set to 2
- indicating that no subtree searches are permitted in the top two
levels of the DIT (normally root and countries).

It is possible to give a user the impression of a global tree search
provided you have enough input data to narrow the search down by a
series of DAP operations, using the output of each to guide the next.
See Steve Kille's RFC on User-Friendly Naming for some ideas, and
point your favourite Web browser at our gateway to try an


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