Strategy Document

Erik Huizer <> Mon, 06 July 1992 13:16 UTC

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From: Erik Huizer <>
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To: Steve Hardcastle-Kille <>
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Subject: Strategy Document
Organisation: SURFnet bv
Address: Cluetinckborch, P.O. Box 19035, 3501 DA Utrecht, NL
Phone: +31 30 310290
Telefax: +31 30 340903

About the Strategy document. I had my draft ready for some time now, and it 
has been send to the co-authors about 4 weeks ago. As I received no comments
whatsoever up to now, I suggest we take the current version up for discussion
at the meeting next week. Depending on the result of the discussion I will
submit it as an Informational RFC, or revise it.

You can get the document by anonymous ftp from
projects/x500/ (or .txt or .wp5)

The text version is lousy, due to a bug in my Mac WP2.0 version. So I advise
you to get the PostScript or WP5.0 version. I'll be working on the text version
and announce it when it is readeable.

The fileserver is also accessible by mail:
send mail to
in the body
send projects/x500 (.txt, .wp5)

The wp5 one will be send uuencoded (I hope :-)

See you next week,