Re: DSA Stats for the fortnight ending Friday the 24th of April, 1992 Sat, 25 April 1992 00:42 UTC

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Subject: Re: DSA Stats for the fortnight ending Friday the 24th of April, 1992

Steve sorry to bother you once more, but once more I have to complain about your results

Please stop probing the French master if your software is unable
to work with other DSAs than QUIPU ones, or if you are not
willing or unable to modify it in order to have correct results!

I appreciate all the work done at UCL, but I am tired to
again and again signal you this incorrect behaviour of your
probing mechanism.

If you are doing this for the fun of it and have no intention
to fix this, I ask you to stop probing C=FR.
If you are doing it as part of the COSINE PARADISE contract,
please correct as soon as possible or explain us
and COSINE why you cann't ou want not do it properly.
If you need help or explanation about something here, please let me know
it, but please don't go on as it is now.

I was told at UCL 2 days ago that the probe was a mere "BIND",
it seems it is not the case, you are trying to read a non existing entry
(which I already signaled before)!

Follows an example of the log I have

Fri Apr 24 19:46:29 1992
For Directory User:
<       <       <       C;
                        < PrintableString= GB>>>;
        <       <       O;
                        "University College London">>;
        <       <       OU;
                        "Computer Science">>;
        <       <       CN;
                        "UCL DSA Probe">>>
ROS action: INVOKE
Request Accepted

Requested Operation:
Directory accessed via DAP
processing name resolution
Options are: dont dereference alias = 0
        dont use copy = 0

Name resolution Phase done at: Fri Apr 24 19:46:29 1992

Entry not local:
<       <       <       C;
                        < PrintableString= FR>>>;
        <       <       O;
        <       <       CN;
Operation shall return a:

This is not correct:
the DN of opaxdsa is


-- PAP