New version of OSI-DS 40

Paul Barker <> Thu, 15 April 1993 17:32 UTC

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    There's a new version of OSI-DS 40 availbale from the archive.  It has
been modified in accord with comments I received at the IETF.  In particular:

o  More use of commonName (less special naming attributes)

o  More explanatory text on the attributes

o  Bit of text suggesting that could boot-strap by doing archie-style
   information gathering

Comments always welcome.


          Implementing FTP archive searching using X.500
          Paul Barker
          March 1993
This memo discusses a method of realising an archie-like service based
on X.500.  It describes a way of resolving the conflict between the
distribution of information, which is conducive to management, and the
adverse impact on search performance which stems from the distribution
of the data.  A schema is proposed for representing FTP archive
information and documents within the X.500 Directory.

The following topics  may be obtained from the info-server
using a request in the form:
        request: osi-ds
        topic: <one of topics the below>

For example:

From: Joe.Soap@somedomain
Subject: Anything you like

request: osi-ds
topic: scope.txt	

Files are available in Text, Postscript or both.   
    FILENAME.txt for plain text format  for postscript

Note that not all the files are available in all the formats.

All documents are numbered, in the form OSI-DS nnn or

The files are also available by FTP, NIFTP, and  FTAM.

FTP to CS.UCL.AC.UK, username anonymous and your own name as password
		cd osi-ds;

FTAM to bells, computer science, university college london, gb 
   username = anon, no password

NIFTP to, binary mode, username  =  guest,
     password  =  (Your  mail address in the form user@site)
     filenames should be prepended with <OSI-DS> (Note that the
     angle brackets and capital letters are vital)