Re: Extensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router Capabilities

Acee Lindem <acee@REDBACK.COM> Thu, 03 July 2003 03:15 UTC

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Subject: Re: Extensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router Capabilities
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Vivek Dubey wrote:
> Hi Acee,
> "If a type 11 opaque LSA
> is chosen, the originating router should also advertise type 10
> LSA(s) into any attached NSSA/stub area(s). The choice of flooding
> scope is made by the advertising router and is a matter of local
> policy."
> Taking it otherwise, if NSSA ABR or ABR with attached STUB area
> receives a Type 11 capability LSA (from some other router), should
> it originate a Type 10 for its attached NSSA/STUB ??

Hi Vivek,

I don't think this type of translation is necessary. Also, it is
somewhat counter to the goal of limiting the LSAs advertised into
a stub/NSSA area. If a very compelling application comes along then
maybe we could consider it in the future.


> E.g
> Suppose Router R1(with attached NSSA/STUB) implements a policy "A"
> and decides to originate Type 11 capability LSA (it will originate Type 10
> attached in NSSA/STUB).
> Another router R2(with no attached NSSA/STUB) in same AS implements
> same policy "A" and originated Type 11 capability LSA.
> Now should router R1 on receiving this LSA pass on this information
> into attached NSSA/STUB areas?
> Since the policy which decided the scope is same in both routers,
> isn't capability info is of interest to routers internal to STUB/NSSA.
> thanks,
> vivek
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> Subject: Extensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router Capabilities
> I've respun the subject draft with some minor corrections.
> We've discussed it at the last three IETFs and there has been
> some (although light) discussion on the OSPF List. There are now
> at least three proposed applications. Unless there is
> vehement opposition, we intend to add this as a WG document shortly
> after the Vienna IETF (when the window for new drafts opens again)
> <>
> Thanks,
> --
> Acee
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