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Sina Mirtorabi <sina@CISCO.COM> Thu, 19 June 2003 15:32 UTC

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Below are the diff between ver *-00 and *-01

o Section 4, Note 1 has been updated
o Section 5, LS type has been changed ( 0xA00A was used by another draft
o Section 6 is a new section
o Section 7 has been updated


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->Subject: I-D ACTION:draft-mirtorabi-ospfv3-af-01.txt
->A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line
->Internet-Drafts directories.
->        Title           : Support of address families in OSPFv3
->        Author(s)       : S. Mirtorabi, M. Barnes, A. Roy
->        Filename        : draft-mirtorabi-ospfv3-af-01.txt
->        Pages           : 9
->        Date            : 2003-6-18
->This document describes an extensible mechanism to support
->Address Families in OSPFv3. One undefined field in the
->Router-LSA is used to define the address-families on a link.
->A router may participate in multiple address families on
->different links. This information needs to be advertised so
->that only applicable link are used in the SPF calculation
->when building an address family specific shortest path tree.
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