Re: RFC 2370 Update and a Proposed Change to Stub Area Behavior

Russ White <riw@CISCO.COM> Mon, 15 August 2005 21:38 UTC

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From: Russ White <riw@CISCO.COM>
Subject: Re: RFC 2370 Update and a Proposed Change to Stub Area Behavior
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First, I'll comment that I believe stub areas are still useful....

> If an application requires an area flooding scope, typically its LSA will
> have the U-bit set so that the LSA be flooded as if it was understood and
> avoiding the requirement that all routers understand the new LSA. With the
> current specification in 2740, we cannot define new LSA with area flooding
> scope for Stub / NSSA unless the U-bit is clear therefore this cause two
> issues
> - We cannot have incremental deployment for a given application
> - We would be defining two LS type for the same application as U-bit will be
> set for regular areas and U-bit will be clear for Stub/ NSSA where all
> routers have to understand the new LSA


I do see some merit in suggesting that an implemenation MAY filter
unknowns at a stub area ABR, as long as the network implementor is
willing to accept the possible negative consequences from this action.



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