Re: Extensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router Capabilities

Vivek Dubey <vivekd@FUTURE.FUTSOFT.COM> Wed, 02 July 2003 08:31 UTC

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Subject: Re: Extensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router Capabilities
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Hi Acee,
"If a type 11 opaque LSA
is chosen, the originating router should also advertise type 10
LSA(s) into any attached NSSA/stub area(s). The choice of flooding
scope is made by the advertising router and is a matter of local

Taking it otherwise, if NSSA ABR or ABR with attached STUB area
receives a Type 11 capability LSA (from some other router), should
it originate a Type 10 for its attached NSSA/STUB ??

Suppose Router R1(with attached NSSA/STUB) implements a policy "A"
and decides to originate Type 11 capability LSA (it will originate Type 10
attached in NSSA/STUB).

Another router R2(with no attached NSSA/STUB) in same AS implements
same policy "A" and originated Type 11 capability LSA.
Now should router R1 on receiving this LSA pass on this information
into attached NSSA/STUB areas?

Since the policy which decided the scope is same in both routers,
isn't capability info is of interest to routers internal to STUB/NSSA.


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Subject: Extensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router Capabilities

I've respun the subject draft with some minor corrections.
We've discussed it at the last three IETFs and there has been
some (although light) discussion on the OSPF List. There are now
at least three proposed applications. Unless there is
vehement opposition, we intend to add this as a WG document shortly
after the Vienna IETF (when the window for new drafts opens again)



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