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Vishwas Manral <Vishwas@SINETT.COM> Fri, 08 July 2005 13:07 UTC

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From: Vishwas Manral <Vishwas@SINETT.COM>
Subject: Re: draft-ietf-ospf-ospfv3-mib-09
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Hi Acee,


Should we list the below as an exception too in the OSPFv3 update draft?





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Hi Vishwas,
Reason why i mentioned "ospfRFC1583Compatibility"

3.8.5  Calculating AS external routes
The IPv6 AS external route calculation proceeds along the same lines
as the IPv4 calculation in Section 16.4 of [OSPFV2] and Section 2.5
of [NSSA], with the following exceptions:

<vivek> It is not listed in exceptions and RFC2328 Section 16.4 has
the description. 


On Wed, 06 Jul 2005 Vishwas Manral wrote :
>Hi Vivek,
>Is there a reason we need to support compatibility with an older
version of OSPFv2 (RFC1583) in OSPFv3?
>Regarding a previous mail of yours
>"ospfv3AreaSummary: The variable should also effect NSSA areas.
Description should be updated"
>We will update the description to also state NSSA (to be consistent
with OSPFv2 MIB).
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Vivek Dubey
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>Subject: draft-ietf-ospf-ospfv3-mib-09
>No configuration support is provided for "ospfRFC1583Compatibility " in
>On Wed, 06 Jul 2005 Dilip Kumar wrote :
> >Hi,
> >    I would like to know if Router Address TLV's value field MUST
> >contain a syntatically correct IP Address. I mean, is it OK if an
> >router advertises Opaque LSA (TE) with an syntatically incorrect IP
> >address (ex. etc.) in Router Address TLV ?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Dilip