Re: Waiting State Question

Kishore Rao <kishore@IND.ALCATEL.COM> Thu, 19 May 2005 16:53 UTC

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> My question is why does it wait only for the BDR? Why not the DR? It can
when it recieves
> a HELLO from the DR know that their exists a DR and a BDR. Why not then
get out of the
> 'Waiting' state?

It also waits for a router to declare itself as a DR (section 10.5 Receving
Hello packets). The
'Neighborchange' event triggers DR election.

[Otherwise, if the neighbor is declaring itself to be Designated Router and
it had not previously,
or the neighbor is not declaring itself  Designated Router where it had
previously, the receiving
interface's state machine is scheduled with the event NeighborChange.]


> Thanks,
> John
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