Re: pop3 changes

Glenn Anderson <> Mon, 06 June 1994 02:20 UTC

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>Right now no POP client that I know of does any sort of mail routing.
>It just knows of one place to send mail, and sends *all* outgoing mail
>to that place.  If it already has a POP connection to a centralized
>mail handling system, why not let it use that connection to hand a
>piece of mail to the system?  An added benefit to this is that we
>could disallow SMTP connections from all of the random PC's and Mac's
>and junk on campus.  Then people would have to authenticate themselves
>with the POP server in order to send mail, and the POP server would
>handle putting the correct From:, Reply-To:, etc.  headers on the
>mail.  Sort of like INN's inews does if you have the authentication
>stuff enabled.

I would like to see the ability to send mail through a POP connection. At
them moment if you want to implement electronic mail through serial, dialup
line or some other connection system it is necessary to have some way of
switching between POP3 and SMTP. As there is no standard method of doing
this, it is currently necessary for dialup clients like Eudora to mess
around with scripts to handle this. It also over complicates server
implementation, as it is not possible to just attach a POP service to a
different connection.

At the same time it would also be nice to see the ability to change
passwords via a POP connection. However I think it would not be worth
adding either of these things to POP3, we would be better off defining
something like POP4 for this.


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