Re: pop3 changes

Steve Dorner <> Mon, 06 June 1994 15:00 UTC

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>> I would like to see the ability to send mail through a POP connection.
>Does someone have an actual writeup of the XTND XMIT facility some servers

I do not.  I can give a functional description of what popper does.

It first issues an +OK response, then expects the client to send it an RFC
822 formatted message.  Initial periods should be doubled.  At the end of a
message, a line consisting of a single period is sent.  The server then
gives another +OK response.  Addresses are extracted from the obvious
headers (to:, cc:, bcc:).  Bcc: lines are removed.  I don't know what it
does for the envelope sender.

Popper is just passing the mail to sendmail -t.

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