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My sincere apology if you receive multiple copies.




                         In Conjunction with
  The 5th IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium

                Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
                     Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel

                        Tuesday June 1, 1999

                     PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS


- ---------
The Internet is increasingly being used to support a wide range of
applications that are subject to QoS constraints for proper
operation.  This 1-day workshop (preceding the 1999 IEEE RTAS'99
Symposium) aims at bringing together researchers interested in the
design and implementation of novel protocols and architectures to
support the requirements of such applications in the context of the
existing ubiquitous infrastructure of the Internet (i.e. HTTP, TCP/IP,
UDP, MBone, etc.)

- -----
The following are examples of important questions that the workshop
aims to address.

- - While much effort has been devoted in the recent past to the
  investigation of transport mechanisms capable of delivering
  demanding Quality of Service (QoS) requirements (e.g. RSVP and
  DiffServ), little attention has been paid to the QoS issues at
  servers. Interesting issues include the design and implementation of
  architectures and protocols that allow HTTP servers to be cognizant
  of request priorities or QoS requirements.  This is particularly
  important for ISP Web hosting environments.

- - Delivering QOS guarantees in distributed systems is fundamentally an
  end-to-end issue, that is, from application-to-application. Perhaps
  the main practical problem to widely deploying technologies that
  provide QoS is that they are incompatible with the existing
  ubiquitous infrastructure of the Internet.  Interesting issues
  include the design and implementation of middleware support that
  enables applications to monitor the delivered QoS through real-time
  traffic measurement, policing, and control.

- - There are a number of new technologies and standards for IP
  switching architectures to support QoS in the network. Yet, it is
  not clear how end-to-end application requirements will be presented
  to such architectures. Interesting issues include the identification
  of a small set of network switching capabilities that could be
  composed together and used to deliver the requested end-to-end QoS

Along the themes stated above, contributions are solicited in any of
the following topics:

- - Issues related to supporting mobile clients and servers
- - Directory Enabled Networking (DEN) issues
- - Policy-based service differentiation
- - Active networking and QoS support
- - Multicasting QoS issues
- - Mechanisms for real-time differentiated services
- - NGI applications (distributed interactive virtual environments, etc.)
- - QoS-based routing
- - Dynamic Management of Communication Resources
- - Internet2

- ----------------
Extended abstracts of papers to be presented at the Workshop are
solicited. Submissions should be limited to 10 double-spaced
pages. Accepted papers will be published in the Workshop proceedings
and will be considered for publication as articles in an edited book
on the subject. The preferred format for electronic submission is PDF
suitable for Acrobat Reader. Postscript with US Letter size pages will
also be accepted. Papers should be emailed as attachments to Azer
Bestavros <best@cs.bu.edu> by April 16, 1999.

- ---------------
The deadline for submission of extended abstracts is April 16th
1999. Notification of acceptance will be sent out on April
30th. Camera-ready versions of accepted manuscripts will be due on May

- -----------------
The Workshop will be held at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, which is
located at the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver, minutes away
from the Waterfront and from many other attractions. For more
information contact the hotel at the address below or visit it on the
Web at http://www.sheratonwallcentre.com/

   Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel
   1088 Burrard Street
   Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2R9,
   Tel: (604) 331-1000
   Fax: (604)331-1001

Program Co-Chairs:
- -----------------
Azer Bestavros, Boston University
Ragunathan Rajkumar, Carnegie Melon University

Program Committee Members:
- -------------------------
Alia Atlas, BBN
Marty Humphrey, University of Virginia
Kevin Jeffay, University of North Carolina
Ibrahim Matta, Northeastern University
Ashish Mehra, IBM
Katia Obraczka, USC Information Science Institute
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Institute of Technology
Kang Shin, University of Michigan
Jack Stankovic, University of Virginia

For more information check the workshop's home page on the Web at