[Raven] CALEA & Electronic Surveillance of packet networks (fwd)

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The nanog mailing list (to which I do not subscribe) carries an
announcement of ballotting by TIA and Committee T1 on the second
revision of J-STD-025, which is described as the only "safe harbor"
standard that currently exists for CALEA.  The ballot deadline is
March 6:

>Theoretically (depending on FCC decisions, outcomes of court cases, etc.),
>this standard would define how you would provide the information required
>by a warrant to a LEA (e.g., FBI).  The deadline for when this must be
>deployed is in September, 2001.
>     T1 LB 838, Draft Proposed ANSI Trial-Use/Interim
>       Standard - Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance
>       - J-STD-025 Revision A (Joint TIA/T1 draft proposal)
>To obtain a copy of lb838.pdf go to:
>WWW: http://www.t1.org/index/10001.htm
>FTP: ftp://ftp.t1.org/pub/ballots/current/lb838.pdf
>TIA maintains a web page for information on CALEA at:

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