Re: [Raven] German programmer "Mixter" addresses cyberattacks [OFFTOPIC]

"chefren" <> Wed, 16 February 2000 01:33 UTC

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On 15 Feb 00, at 8:02, Ge' Weijers wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 15, 2000 at 12:15:37AM +0100, chefren wrote:


> This was already tried, in the ITU (nee CCITT). Intergovernemental
> agencies produce insane standards like X.25 and SS7. OSI is only
> used in textbooks.
> There's nothing significant coming out of the ITU anymore, SS7 was
> their crowning achievement of bloat and multilayered complexity. It
> still amazes me dialtone is as reliable as it is. Most of the new
> stuff is not developed in the ITU anymore (ATM etc).  X.500 never got
> off the ground because of its own weight, X.400 e-mail is almost dead
> as well.

I agree.
> The IETF has serves us well, its processes are far more effective than
> those of ITU or ETSI, all because of its informal, loose-knit
> structure.

"Serves" or "served", that's the question. The demands of 
the world are not heard or understood here. Techie problem?

> And because of its informal nature it is not the right
> forum to handle the politically hot potato of wiretaps.

To get further the IETF has it's weaknesses. Social 
responsibility is clearly one of them.


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