[rgchairs] Re: 63rd IETF - WG/BOF's Scheduling Requests

Aaron Falk <falk@ISI.EDU> Tue, 28 June 2005 17:02 UTC

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Hi Marcia-

I don't see any IRTF RGs on the list and it is causing some concern among 
the chairs that their requests have been lost.  Do you think you could 
include pending RG scheduling requests?

Many thanks,


--On June 27, 2005 3:20:48 PM -0400 IETF Agenda <agenda@ietf.org> wrote:
> The following groups have requested to meet at the 63rd IETF Meeting in
> Paris.  If you sent in a request but are not listed, please send a note
> to agenda and include the Ticket Number from your confirmation email.
> APP  apparea   Applications Open Area Meeting
> APP  calsify   Calendaring and Scheduling Standards Simplification BOF
> APP  crisp     Cross Registry Information Service Protocol WG
> APP  imapext   Internet Message Access Protocol Extension WG
> APP  ldapbis   LDAP (v3) Revision WG
> APP  lemonade  Enhancements to Internet email to Support Diverse Service
>                   Environments WG
> APP  sieve     Sieve Mail Filtering Language WG
> INT  dhc       Dynamic Host Configuration WG
> INT  dna       Detecting Network Attachment WG
> INT  dnsext    DNS Extensions WG
> INT  eap       Extensive Authentication Protocol WG
> INT  hip       Host Identity Protocol WG
> INT  ipdvb     IP Over Digital Video Broadcast WG
> INT  ipv6      Internet Protocol Version 6 WG
> INT  l3vpn     Layer 3 Virtual Private Network WG
> INT  mip6      Mobility for IPv6 WG
> INT  ntp       Network Time Protocol WG
> INT  pana      Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access WG
> INT  pwe3      Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge to Edge WG
> IRTF  dtnrg    Delay Tolerant Networking Research Group
> IRTF  mobopts  IP MObility Optimizations RG
> IRTF  p2prg    Peer-to-Peer Research Group
> OPS  bmwg      Benchmarking Methodology WG
> OPS  capwap    Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points WG
> OPS  imss      Internet and Management Support for Storage WG
> OPS  ipcdn     IP over Cable Data Network WG
> OPS  ipfix     IP Flow Information Export WG
> OPS  opsec     Operations Security Capabilities for IP Network
>                   Infrastructure WG
> OPS  v6ops     IPv6 Operations WG
> RTG  ccamp     Common Control and Measurement Plane WG
> RTG  forces    Forwarding and Control Element Separation WG
> RTG  idr       Inter-Domain Routing WG
> RTG  l1vpn     Layer One Virtual Private Network BOF
> RTG  manet     Mobile Ad-hoc Networks WG
> RTG  mpls      MultiProtocol Label Switching WG
> RTG  ospf      Open Shortest Path First IGP WG
> RTG  pce       Path Computation Element WG
> RTG  pim       Protocol Independent Multicast WG
> RTG  rpsec     Routing Protocols Security WG
> RTG  rtgarea   Routing Area Open Meeting
> RTG  rtgwg     Routing Area WG
> SEC  inch      Extended Incident Handling WG
> SEC  mobike    IKEv2 Mobility and Multihoming WG
> SEC  msec      Multicast Security WG
> SEC  pki4ipsec Profiling Use of PKI in IPSEC WG
> SEC  pkix      Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) WG
> SEC  sacred    Securley Available Credentials WG
> SEC  sasl      Simple Authentication and Security Layer WG
> SEC  secmech   Security Mechanisms BOF
> TSV  avt       Audio/Video Transport WG
> TSV  dccp      Datagram Congestion Control Protocol WG
> TSV  ecrit     Emergency Context Resoltion with Internet Technologies WG
> TSV  enum      Telephone Number Mapping WG
> TSV  ieprep    Internet Emergency Preparedness WG
> TSV  ippm      IP Performance Metrics WG
> TSV  ips       IP Storage WG
> TSV  mmuisc    Multiparty Multimedia Session Control WG
> TSV  nfsv4     Network File System Version 4 WG
> TSV  nsis      Next Steps in Signaling WG
> TSV  rmt       Reliable Multicast Transport WG
> TSV  rserpool  Reliable Server Pooling WG
> TSV  sip       Session Initiation Protocol WG
> TSV  sipping   Session Initiation Protocol Investigation WG
>      BOF???s waiting not approved/information
> APP  rui       Remote UI BOF
> OPS  imad      IPv4 Multicast Address Architecture BOF
> APP  ima       Internationalized Email Address BOF

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