[rgchairs] IETF responsabilities in "Friday attendance"

Thierry Ernst <ernst@sfc.wide.ad.jp> Thu, 14 July 2005 02:27 UTC

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A discussion that is re-started every 4 months is a discussion that
didn't get to an acceptable conclusion ;-)

I just want to point out that, on a general basis, I personaly do not
mind to have a BOF on Friday as long as the IETF is commiting to make
sure people understand they have to plan to attend Friday sessions

So, the next question is how the IETF can make sure that the exepted
people will be able to attend.

I think that yesterday's mail from Brian:
> I've made a mental note that for future meetings, both the web site
> and the announcements need to be much more explicit that working
> sessions extend through Friday lunchtime. We have to make sure that
> anyone who takes a quick glance and books a ticket is not misled.
is going into the right direction, thus I putting myself into the "wait
and see" mode.

However, I still believe the rough agenda should be planned ahead of
time. I don't buy the argument that WG chairs don't know if they need a
meeting slot and the length ahead of time. I agree that the exact WG
agenda may not be known until the last couple of days, but it's pretty
easy to know if you need to meet with a rough estimation of the time

If, 3 weeks before the meeting, some WGs think they need more time, then
it might be possible to allocate left-over time slots, if any. Rules
could be defined for that.

It's a question of self-organization, responsabilities and respect for
the people attending the meeting.

(international flight being involved, an important number of people will
still flight back on Thursday evening or Friday morning - and I think
it's a reasonable thing to do for people having a family - so we must be
sensitive about that).

One final note below:
 On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 08:16:32 -0400
"David B Harrington" <dbharrington@comcast.net> wrote:
> I'm of the impression that changing your RETURN flight generally
> doesn't affect the cost, only the initial leg changes flight costs.
> That may depend on airlines and other factors of course, but it seems
> to me that the people you want to attend the BOF should be able to
> ,modify their plans without a great deal of financial burden.

Just FYI, cheap tickets, at least in the country I live in, must
generally be arranged and edited in advance and no changes are
permitted either inbound and outbound.


> That said, I agree with Jeff's post on this topic about this
> three-times-a-year discussion.
> I suggest you think of this differently - if the people you would like
> to have attend the BOF want to have a voice in the process, then they
> should arrange their time to be present to be heard; the whole IETF
> should not be expected to work around them to ensure their specific
> voices are heard.
> David Harrington
> dbharrington@comcast.net

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