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Based on the experience from Paris: a) get your requests in early and b) 
pay attention to conflicts between other wgs/rgs & key participants (e.g., 
authors, presenters) in your meeting.


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Date: September 9, 2005 6:16:22 PM -0400
From: IETF Secretariat <ietf-secretariat-reply@ietf.org>
To: Working Group Chairs <wgchairs@ietf.org>
Cc: bofchairs@ietf.org
Subject: 64th IETF - WG/BOF Scheduling

We will be accepting scheduling requests for all Working Groups and BOFs
starting today, Friday, September 9.  The milestones and deadlines for
scheduling-related activities are as follows:

-- Cut-off date for requesting a slot: Monday, October 3 at 17:00 ET (21:00
-- Preliminary schedule published for comment: Friday, October 7 at 17:00 ET
(21:00 GMT).
-- Cut-off date for requests to reschedule a session: Wednesday, October 12
at 09:00 ET (13:00 GMT).
-- Final schedule published: Monday, October 17 at 17:00 ET (21:00 GMT).

Please submit your scheduling requests to:


Please include the acronym of your Working Group or BOF in the subject line
of the message, and include all of the information specified in item 4
below in the body.

For the convenience of meeting attendees, we ask that you submit the agenda
for your Working Group session as early as possible, but by no later than
Monday, October 31 at 12:00 ET (17:00 GMT).  The proposed agenda for a BOF
session should be submitted along with your request for a slot.  Please be
sure to copy your Area Director on that message.

Please submit the agenda for your Working Group session using the "IETF
Meeting Materials Management Tool," a Web-based tool for making your
meeting agenda, minutes, and presentation slides available to the community
before, during, and after an IETF meeting.  If you are a BOF chair, then
you may use the tool to submit a revised agenda as well as other materials
for your BOF once the BOF has been approved.

The URL for the tool is:


Additional information about this tool is available at:


Agendas submitted via the tool will be available to the public on the "IETF
Meeting Materials" Web page as soon as they are submitted.

The URL for the "IETF 64 Meeting Materials" Web page is:


If you are a Working Group chair, then you already have an account on this
tool. If you are a BOF chair who is not also a Working Group chair, then you
will be given an account on the tool when your BOF has been approved.  If
you require assistance in using the tool, or wish to report a bug, then
please send a message to ietf-action@ietf.org.  If you wish to submit your
agenda by e-mail, then please send it to agenda@ietf.org.

1. All scheduling requests must be sent to: agenda@ietf.org with a copy to
the appropriate Area Director(s).  Please include working group or BOF
acronym in Subject line.

2. BOFs will NOT be scheduled unless the Area Director(s) approved request
is accompanied by a BOF'S FULL NAME AND ACRONYM, AREA, CHAIRS NAME(s) (given
together with e-mail address(es)), AN AGENDA AND FULL DESCRIPTION as well
as the information requested in (4) below. Please read the BOF Procedure at:
http://www.ietf.org/ietf/1bof-procedures.txt before requesting a slot for a

3. A Working Group may request either one or two slots.  If your Working
Group requires more than two slots, then your request must be approved by
an Area Director.  Additional slots will be assigned, based on
availability, after Wednesday, October 12 at 09:00 ET (13:00 GMT), the
cut-off date for requests to reschedule a session.

4. You MUST provide the following information before the working group will
be scheduled:

    a. Working Group or BOF full name with acronym in brackets:

    b. AREA under which Working Group or BOF appears:

    c. CONFLICTS you wish to avoid, please be as specific as possible:

    d. Expected Attendance (figures from the 63rd IETF are at the end
       of this message):

    e. Special requests:

    f. Number of slots:

    g. Length of slot:
       - 1 hour
       - 2 hours
       - 2 1/2 hours

For more information on scheduling Working Group and BOF sessions, please
refer to RFC 2418 (BCP 25), "IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures"
For your convenience please find here the list of the AREA Directors with
their e-mail addresses:

IETF Chair
Brian Carpenter <brc@zurich.ibm.com>

Applications Area (app)
Ted Hardie <hardie@qualcomm.com>
Scott Hollenbeck <shollenbeck@verisign.com>

Internet Area (int)
Mark Townsley <townsley@cisco.com>
Margaret Wasserman <margaret@thingmagic.com>

Operations & Management Area (ops)
David Kessens <david.kessens@nokia.com>
Bert Wijnen <bwijnen@lucent.com>

Routing Area (rtg)
Bill Fenner <fenner@research.att.com>
Alex Zinin <zinin@psg.com>

Security Area (sec)
Sam Hartman <hartmans-ietf@mit.edu>
Russ Housley <housley@vigilsec.com>

Transport Area (tsv)
Allison Mankin <mankin@psg.com>
Jon Peterson <jon.peterson@neustar.biz>
63rd IETF Meeting Attendance Number

6lowpan   83
alien   126
apparea   106
autoconf   254
avt   79 & 67
behave   102
bfd   53
bmwg   22
btns   118
calsify   56
capwap   51
ccamp   135
crisp   48
dccp   39
dhc   60
dna   90
dnsext   84
dnsop   158
dtnrg   52
eap   65
ecrit   101
enum   114
forces   46
geopriv   80
grow   107
hash   127
hip   103
hiprg   64
idr   130
ieprep   115
imad   63
imapext   27
imss   14
inch   26
intarea  113
ipcdn   9
ipdvb   48
ipfix   68
ippm   54
ips   18
ipv6   228
isis   59
isms   29
kitten   35
krbwg   36
l1vpn   135
l2vpn   178
l3vpn   199
ldapbis   15
lrw   97
ltans   23
manet   130
mass   136
mboned   combined with imad
mip4   75
mip6   148
mipshop   114
mmusic   123
mobike   33
mobopts   205 & 117
monami6   158
mpls   208
msec   40
nemo   130
netconf   68
netlmm   220
newtrk   40
nfsv4   22
nsis   114 & 72
ntp   30
openpgp   33
opsec   56
ospf   70
pana   60
pce   125
pim   61
pki4ipsec   22
pkix   53
pwe3   142 & 97
radext   52
rmt   23
rohc   23
rpsec   101
rserpool   19
rtgarea   170
rtgwg   106
rui   73
saag   147
sacred   60
sasl   49
secmech   199
shim6   134 & 108
sieve   23
simple   122
sip   232 & 50
sipping   227 & 54
tcpm   50
trill   119
tsvwg   93
v6ops   174
voipeer   234
xcon   98

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