Re: [rgchairs] Re: 63rd IETF Agenda - DRAFT

Thomas Heide clausen <> Thu, 14 July 2005 19:54 UTC

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From: Thomas Heide clausen <>
Subject: Re: [rgchairs] Re: 63rd IETF Agenda - DRAFT
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 16:40:10 +0200
To: Jari Arkko <>
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On 14 Jul 2005, at 09:59, Jari Arkko wrote:
>     Another experiment that has been planned is the creation of an
>     "accommodation included" meeting fee option.  This would allow
>     low-budget travel for our academic participants, with the
>     accommodation arranged in the meeting rooms.  The only remaining
>     problem is determining how to wake these participants up before
>     the meeting starts, so that they go from their "night" sleep to
>     "not an interesting draft" nap.

I realize that his post was in jest, but...

This is, incidentally, not entirely a bad suggestion: many of us (not 
necessarily exclusively academics) are restricted to being refunded X 
Eur/night, with X being roughly meeting-hotel-fee/4 -- meaning that a 
(not-insignificant) part of participants have to hunt around for Super8 
and their likes (and their more sleazy) far from the meeting venue -- 
or to pay exorbitant amount of money out of their own pockets.

The consequence: the valuable off-session face-time at 
evenings/nights/mornings is often difficult to attend -- getting to a 
pre-breakfast-meeting (typically with Fred Baker -- hi Fred!) can be 
hard when you have to negotiate 45min traffic before meeting at the 
hotel at 6AM. Especially when you came to your hotel after negotiating 
45min of traffic the night before well past midnight.

Seeing as about 90% of the important IETF-meeting-work is hallway and 
bar discussions, this does present some serious stress.....

So while sleeping-in-the-meetingrooms isn't the best idea, providing a 
"reg-plus-hotelroom" option might make things a little easier -- 
especially if it was presented as "the [only] option" to pick and print 
for the beancounters and travel departments....

Btw., I'm speaking of someone who's in the past had to do the 
previously mentioned hotel-finding-gymnastics (except in Atlanta, where 
I had to drive 1h30 to find a hotel that my employer would pay), and 
who usually attends IETF-meetings from saturday to saturday and from 
6AM to past midnight (and yet still misses out on important things). 
For the moment, I've got a "sugar-daddy" helping me avoid this by 
simply picking-up-the-tap, but  I dread the day when this relationship 


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