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At 02:41 PM 7/14/2005, Tom Taylor wrote:

>Is that really true given that you identified a major overlap between this 
>and the ENUM potential agenda?

oh yes...you cant discuss voipeer without understanding what is happening 
in the ENUM WG.

The first order problem is how do you discover a point of 
interconnection..this debate is raging in the ENUM WG.

I just posted our WG agenda. It should be self evident what the overlaps 
are. We are devoting a full 1 1/2 hour to the concept of 
Infrastructure/Carrier ENUM.

IETF 63  Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM) WG Agenda

Patrik Faltstrom <paf@cisco.com>
Richard Shockey <rich.shockey@neustar.biz>

Transport Area Advisor:
Allison Mankin  <mankin@psg.com>

Mailing Lists:
General Discussion:enum@ietf.org
To Subscribe: enum-request@ietf.org
In Body: subscribe
Archive: ftp://ftp.ietf.org/ietf-mail-archive/enum/


1. Review of the existing drafts - Ready to go top Last call  ( 5-10 M ? )

Title           : ENUM Implementation Issues and Experiences
         Author(s)       : L. Conroy, K. Fujiwara
         Filename        : draft-ietf-enum-experiences-02.txt
         Pages           : 29
         Date            : 2005-7-1

This document captures experience in implementing systems based on
    the ENUM protocol, and experience of ENUM data that have been created
    by others.  As such, it is informational only, and produced as a help
    to others in reporting what is "out there" and the potential pitfalls
    in interpreting the set of documents that specify the protocol.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

2. Final disposition of  IRIS EREG, hopefully to last call. ( 5 Min? )

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

3. New/old  work on enumservice registrations  ( 20 M )

>         Title           : IANA Registration for Enumservice Voice
>         Author(s)       : R. Brandner, et al.
>         Filename        : draft-brandner-enum-voice-00.txt
>         Pages           : 12
>         Date            : 2005-7-7
>    This document registers the ENUMservice ^voice^ (which has a defined
>    sub-type ^tel^), as per the IANA registration process defined in the
>    ENUM specification RFC3761.  This service indicates that the contact
>    held in the generated URI can be used to initiate an interactive
>    voice (audio) call.
>A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

         Title           : IANA Registration for an Enumservice
                           Containing Number Portability and PSTN
                           Signaling Information
         Author(s)       : J. Livingood, R. Shockey
         Filename        : draft-livingood-shockey-enum-npd-00.txt
         Pages           : 8
         Date            : 2005-7-8

    This document registers the Enumservice "npd" and subtype "tel" using
    the URI scheme 'tel:' as per the IANA registration process defined in
    the ENUM specification, RFC 3761.  This data is used to facilitate
    the routing of telephone calls in those countries where Number
    Portability exists.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:


>         Title           : IANA Registration for ENUMservice Mobile Webpage
>         Author(s)       : J. Ra, et al.
>         Filename        : draft-ra-shin-enum-mobileweb-00.txt
>         Pages           :
>         Date            : 2005-7-7
>    This document registers the ENUMservice ^mobweb^ using the URI
>    schemes 'http:' and 'https:' as per the IANA registration process
>    defined in the ENUM specification RFC3761.
>A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

4. ENUM Validation Issues. 3 Drafts 15 -20

  4.1 ENUM Validation Architecture      draft-mayrhofer-enum-validation-arch-00

         Title           : ENUM Validation Architecture
         Author(s)       : A. Mayrhofer, B. Hoeneisen
         Filename        : draft-mayrhofer-enum-validation-arch-00.txt
         Pages           : 16
         Date            : 2005-7-11

    An ENUM domain name is tightly coupled with the underlying E.164
    number.  The process of verifying whether or not the Registrant of an
    ENUM domain name is identical to the Assignee of the corresponding
    E.164 number is commonly called ^validation^.  This document
    describes validation requirements and a high level architecture for
    an ENUM validation infrastructure.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

4.2  "ENUM Validation Token Format Definition" - 

         Title           : ENUM Validation Token Format Definition
         Author(s)       : O. Lendl
         Filename        : draft-lendl-enum-validation-token-00.txt
         Pages           : 16
         Date            : 2005-7-11

    An ENUM domain name is tightly coupled with the underlying E.164
    number.  The process of verifying whether the Registrant of an ENUM
    domain name is identical to the Assignee of the corresponding E.164
    number is commonly called ^validation^.  This document describes an
    signed XML data format -- the Validation Token -- with which
    Validation Entities can convey successful completion of a validation
    procedure in a secure fashion.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

4.3  Bernie Hoeneisen



5. PART 2  1/2 hours. 3 Items

The first order of business is to attempt to create some very basic common 
ground on what is the problem Carrier/Infrastructure/Private ENUM is trying 
to solve based on what we generally understand are the orthogonal interests 
of A. the E.164 number holder vs B. the carrier of record for that number. 
In addition try to place this problem statement in the over all context of 
converged carrier networks and the desire for interconnection and peering.

We are NOT going to solve the Carrier ENUM definition and problem statement 
in Paris but there needs to be some baseline before we can generally review 
the drafts at hand.

Steve Lind has attempted to capture some of the ongoing discussion. This 
was not ready before the ID cut off but anyone coming to Paris is 
encouraged to read and comment on this ID on the list.



Discussion of Pfautz etal drafts on Carrier ENUM - Requirements ?

>  Title           : IANA Carrier/User enumservice Registration
>         Author(s)       : P. Pfautz, et al.
>         Filename        : draft-pfautz-lind-enum-carrier-user-00.txt
>         Pages           : 10
>         Date            : 2005-6-6
>This document registers, pursuant to the guidelines in RFC 3761,
>    tElephone NUmber Mapping (ENUM) services to allow a single registry
>    to support end user and carrier services with independent name
>    servers holding the terminal NAPTR (Naming Authority Pointer) records
>    identifying the communication services for each.  The to-be-
>    registered enumservices make use of non-terminal NAPTR records and
>    DDDS (Dynamic Delegation Discovery System) replacement to achieve
>    this end.
>A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

"Combined User and Carrier ENUM in the e164.arpa tree"

         Title           : Combined User and Carrier ENUM in the e164.arpa tree
         Author(s)       : M. Haberler, R. Stastny
         Filename        : draft-haberler-carrier-enum-00.txt
         Pages           : 10
         Date            : 2005-7-11

    ENUM as defined now in RFC3761 is not well suited for the purpose of
    interconnection by carriers, as can be seen by the use of various
    private tree arrangements based on ENUM mechanisms.  A combined end-
    user and carrier ENUM tree solution would leverage the ENUM
    infrastructure in e164.arpa, increase resolution rates, and decrease
    the cost per registered telephone number.  This document describes a
    minimally invasive scheme to provide both end-user and carrier data
    in ENUM.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

>A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts 
>         Title           : Non-Terminal NAPTR Processing: A Modest Proposal
>         Author(s)       : L. Conroy
>         Filename        : draft-conroy-enum-modestproposal-00.txt
>         Pages           : 12
>         Date            : 2005-7-6
>    Recent Discussions within the IETF and in other fora have highlighted
>    differences in interpretation of the set of standards associated with
>    ENUM and DDDS, on which it relies.  Specifically, the operation and
>    semantics surrounding support for non-terminal NAPTRs has led to some
>    confusion.  This document is an attempt to add clarification to non-
>    terminal NAPTR processing.  In this, it clarifies RFC3403.  A
>    subsequent document will build on this one to extend RFC3761 further,
>    permitting registration of non-terminal Enumservices.
>A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

6.  Discussion of ENUM WG recharter ?

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