[rgchairs] Re: 63rd IETF Agenda - DRAFT

Brian E Carpenter <brc@zurich.ibm.com> Thu, 14 July 2005 07:42 UTC

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1. As of now, the generic page about IETF meetings at
http://www.ietf.org/meetings/meetings.html includes this

We start Monday morning and run through Friday lunchtime, with late scheduling changes. Newcomer's training takes place the 
previous Sunday afternoon. Participants should plan their travel accordingly.

and the Secretariat will include this text in the information for future meetings.

2. Andrew Newton wrote:
> The simple fact of the matter is that many people have limited time  and 
> limited budget.  And some people have little choice regarding  airline 
> schedules, either they take the 11:00am flight on Friday or  they wait 
> an entire extra day for the 11:00am flight on Saturday.   And when 
> meetings are held in places like Paris, some people are  under 
> considerable pressure not to give the appearance of a  boondoggle.

For those of us who routinely work 6 full days at the IETF (inlcuding
all day Sunday and all day Friday) the notion that it could be
viewed as a boondoggle is, well, bizarre.

> There 
> are a host of real world issues many participants  must grapple with, 
> and telling them that they should be more devoted  to the IETF is not 
> helpful.

This is true. But with 120 WGs, plus BOFs and research groups, competing
for slots, we objectively need the full week.

> As for scheduling, I'd rather see the extra plenary session abandoned  
> and have that time dedicated for more working group and bof slots.

We've tried that. It doesn't work. We really need the time to discuss
both operational and technical issues with the community as a whole.


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