RFC 1582 interoperability testing

Gilbert Moineau <gilbertm@eicon.com> Tue, 22 February 1994 13:58 UTC

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From: Gilbert Moineau <gilbertm@eicon.com>
To: Gerry Meyer <gerry@spider.co.uk>
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Subject: RFC 1582 interoperability testing
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 08:53:00 PST
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Hi Gerry,

As you already know, Eicon Technology did implement your "Routing Over 
Demand Circuit" specification; we are now ready for an interoperability 
testing. Could we setup a test between the Spider Systems and Eicon 
implementation? We support IPX only for this release
over X.25, PPP and Frame Relay. If you have access to an X.25 PDN; it would 
be the easiest way to test between our both sites. If there are other 
implementations to test with, let me know.