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Router Requirements WG minutes and summary for IETF31

Please let me know ASAP if anything in these notes is materially incorrect.


	We reviewed the status of our charter and found that with the
	publication of RFC 1716, we were near completion.  Fred Baker
	is working on a standards track revision, which includes CIDR
	and PPP documentation.  In support of CIDR, we recommended that
	RIPv1  (RFC 1058) be moved to historic status.


	The Router Requirements working group met at IETF31 on monday 
	evening, 05dec94.  We reviewed our current status, noting that
	with the publication of RFC 1716, we had met the original WG goals.
	Frank Kastenholtz was asked to revive Phil Almquists two
	monographs, "Route-Leaking" and "Next-Hop" for publication as 
	FYI RFCs before the 32nd IETF.

	Fred Baker touched briefly on his charge from the IESG to update 
	RFC 1716 to reflect:
		-Section numbers to names on references to RFC 1122/1123
		-CIDR Support
		-New Topics
		-Replace RFC1009 

	The support for CIDR is really a call to remove all Classful,
	Recommended Internet Standards track protocols to Historic. In
	this view, the working group instructs our AD to move RFC 1058
	to historic status.

	We then moved into the "New Topics" areas, where Fred was seeking
	direction from the WG and the AD.  The following list with actions
	was the result.

	- SNMPv2 & MIBs		- Add references in the New RFC
	- Mention IDPR		- Do -not- add, per AD
	- Flesh out CIPSO	- Remove text from RFC
	- IPv6 text?		- Save for next WG
	- Routing System Security? - Add references only if protocol supports
				security options
	- Routing Protocol Security? - same as above
	- IPv4 issues		- Add references to RFC 1108
	- Route Caching Issues	- Frank K and Paul T will work on this
	- Load Spliting & Fragmentation - On the list for discussion
	- CIDR detection	- Not for this document
	- Multi-LIS on same media - Andy M. is working w/ Fred on this
	- Congestion Control	- Allison M. will provide docs
	- DNS resolver		- Add as comments to documentation
	- LinkLayer Reqs Doc.	- Not for this group

	All of these actions should be resolved before Fred publishes his
	RFC in Jan'95.  We expect a brief meeting in Danvers and then