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    > >        - DNS resolver          - Add as comments to documentation

    "A router MAY implement DNS resolver code as an aid to management."

This would be pretty silly, ther only reason its worth sticking
in MAY type stuff at all is when there is a prohibition on
something, and a specific exception needs to be made, and just
occasionally when there appears to be some kind of misplaced
world view that something is inappropriate, and that needs to
be corrected.

Neither is relevant to DNS and routers, and I personally can't
see any reason to mention it at all.   If we did, what else are
we going to stick in ... "A router MAY implement a SMTP client
and send mail when xxx occurs" (or course it may, but need that
be said?), or "A router MAY provide a compiler and allow users
to compile and run applications" - again, or course it may, or
"A router MAY implement terminal server functionality".  Where
would it end?