Re: Re: BFD w/ static routes and single-hop eBGP

Suping Zhai <> Wed, 26 October 2005 01:29 UTC

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Perhaps what we, at least Pekka and me, concern is that we should have a very clear definition of what eBGP should do in order to bootstrap BFD, and what is the specific interactions between BGP and BFD session.
What I want to further to do is that as well as BGP, how the RIP(v2) should react when run with BFD, regarding to the BFD bootstrapping and interactions with BFD.
Or else there is no strict rules to run BFD in various situations, and the result will be that the interoperation become a problem. Just a few pages can solve this problem, why do we wait and see:(

Best Regards,
>Seems like we've beaten this one to death already.
>For static routes, by their nature, there can be no interoperability  
>problem as there is nothing to interoperate.
>I don't see what else there is to specify for eBGP.  (This makes it  
>considerably shorter than two pages.)
>On Oct 25, 2005, at 4:28 AM, Pekka Savola wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I still want to see the details of BFD with:
>>  - single-hop static routes
>>  - single-hop eBGP
>> .. in some document.  At the last meeting, David said that he  
>> didn't believe these are necessary as the bfd-generic-01 doc  
>> includes this information but I disagree.  Even if the details are  
>> trivial (they may or may not be), as an operator I think it's vital  
>> to see them spelled out anywhere so that we can point vendors to a  
>> specific section of a spec in CFTs and ensure the protocols will be  
>> interoperable.
>> I suggest a section or two either in the main body of the spec or  
>> in an appendix either in draft-ietf-bfd-v4v6-1hop or draft-ietf-bfd- 
>> generic.
>> All of this would likely fit in one or two pages -- and if not,  
>> that would be even stronger reason that those details must be  
>> written out. At least one deployed implementation of static routes  
>> + BFD already exists.
>> -- 
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