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H.u'g+e N-e*w-s To Imp.act C,Y+T_V 

Ch-ina YouT,V C.o.r_p-. 
Symbol-: C*Y'T.V 

We h*a+v+e al,ready s.e*e'n C+YTV's marke,t impac't bef'ore clim*_bing to o*v'e*r $'2.00 w i.t'h n-e,w+s'. 
Pres+s R.elease: 

Chin.a YouTV+'s CnB-oo W-e-b S*i*t e Ran ks N o*.-1 on Micros'o,ft L'i.v'e Se*arch Engi ne 

CnB.oo Traffi,c Increa-s,es 4,9_% O.v'e-r T-w*o M+onths 

R e_a d t,h-e n.ews, t-hink ab*out t-h'e impac,t, and
j'u+m p on t.h'i*s f*irst thin.g Tomorro._w m*orning'!  $0-.42 is a g*i f_t at t-h.i.s p*rice...._. 

Do y-o'u_r home*wor'k a+n-d w.atch t*h*i*s tr-ade Mond'ay mo.rning. 

Sorr y am I t,h'a*t o,u+r g_o_o'd w i l_l effect*s B ianca',s gr'ief. 

As a si-mple exampl'.e, let'_s s.a_y y.o'u h'a'v e a pro+gram t*h+a+t cr_eates a b_y-t'e a-rray t_h'a*t conta*i'ns 5 mill'ion elemen,*ts b-u*t y_o,u o,n l'y ac_cess t h.e fi+rst t-e'n+. 
Fe_eling s'imultaneous'ly l+i+k,e a s-uccess'ful pear-l a,n'd t_h-e thi-ef of Bagh-d ad, I w-ould brea*k t'h-e t'o*p by tappin_g it on t h e w*a*l'l a-n-d s-u,c k t,h_e e g-g d*r+y at o-n c_e . 
O_p_e*n s*e lected fra_me in a n_e'w p_a.g_e in t h+e backgro.'und. 
B esides suc,cess+ful exits*, G'N+U t.a-r m,a+y f'a*i l f.o*r m_a'n*y re,asons.