[Seamoby] Revision of car discovery issues draft requested

Allison Mankin <mankin@isi.edu> Tue, 02 April 2002 06:17 UTC

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From: Allison Mankin <mankin@isi.edu>
Subject: [Seamoby] Revision of car discovery issues draft requested
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Jim, Pat,

You asked for publication of draft-ietf-seamoby-cardiscovery-issues-02.txt.

An initial review raised a couple of concerns that I think should be
addressed before full IESG review:

1. There is only a tiny mention of inter-technology handoff (in 5.2), but
   enabling this is a seamoby charter goal.  As Steve Deering
   advised during the MN meeting, this could even be CAR discovery when
   going from wired to wireless...There could be a fifth scenario of
   a technology change - going from a crowded 802.11b to an uncongested
   802.11a is another thought here.

2. The references need to be split into normative and informative.  If
   the draft must (as it now reads) be normatively dependent on the fast
   handoff drafts from mobileip, it will have to await their publication.

3. The points in section 7 should be prefaced with a comment on their
   sketchiness - they are a too brief treatment.  

   It is not clear that any treatment of solutions belongs in this draft.


Grammar is shaky in "The following sections describe the specific issues in the CAR
discovery, may it be done in anticipated, dynamic or hybrid way."

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