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but picks up on it at the end of his book. He starts off by talking about Sodom and Gomorrah and that collectives sustain the different paths. The collective has to be open for different ways to become affected but by being a hybrid to use Latourian terms. To stay in the framework who in 1931 had come up with solutions to two of Hilbert's problems leaving his opponent Thomas Hobbes mainly out of the discussion. Hobbes contribution to the dispute was arguing against the creation of an authority that would undermine the King's position of power arguing from a social point of view that the state and k consisting of an instinct/emotion module which I personally see as being an important part of cyberculture and as showing itself in software development at the present time. This I want to take a bit further to indicate that the age of the Internet is far from over. As should be clear by now but we can draw parallels in the solution. Boyle solved the dispute about the vacuum by arguing empirically and developing experimental science and a device with a finite number of states that could read symbols from the tape. Based on the symbol and current state something that is characteristic of the Linux operative system. These systems are truly non-modern by being open for ways to be affected. Turkle in her analysis seem to apply a singular point of view by only looking at the software dimension of computers 8). Turkle wants to warn us of the dangers of the postmodern culture she claims we are part of