Re: [SECMECH] Framework Bindings Vs. Mechanism Bridges

Bernard Aboba <> Fri, 26 August 2005 15:08 UTC

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> The AAA server could perform the service ticket validation on
> behalf of the NAS. This requires another round trip with the 
> AAA server, but I don't think this is too much of a problem.

How does the EAP peer figure out the scope of usage of the "network access 
service" ticket?  If each NAS is a separate Kerberos principal, then the 
peer needs a distinct ticket for each NAS;  if the AAA server is the 
principal, then it can submit the same ticket to any NAS. 

> If we need the NAS to support Kerberos, then I think the barrier 
> to practical deployment is too high. Or am I missing something?

I think that the NAS needs to be modified even in the case where the AAA 
server is the Kerberos principal, in order to be able to securely inform 
the EAP peer of the ticket scope.  Otherwise, the EAP peer can't know when 
it needs to acquire another ticket. 

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