RE: [SECMECH] Framework Bindings Vs. Mechanism Bridges

Bernard Aboba <> Fri, 26 August 2005 15:08 UTC

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> Just to clarify - it would be possible for the AAA server to authenticate
> against the KDC and return an EAP-Success to the NAS as per other EAP types,
> without the NAS needing to understand Kerberos. However, the NAS would need to
> understand Kerberos in order to allow a service ticket to be used for, ie,
> fast reconnect (...which is undesirable for secret hygene).
> Right?

Yes, if the NAS needs to act as a Kerberos principal, it needs to support 
Kerberos.  Note that "fast handoff" typically refers to situations in 
which the AAA server does not need to be contacted during a handoff.  If 
the EAP peer needs to obtain a new ticket for each NAS, and each ticket 
request requires a round-trip to the KDC, that is not "fast handoff" as 
the term is normally used.  If in addition the NAS needs a round-trip to 
the AAA server in order to validate each ticket (e.g. the case where the 
AAA server is the service principal) then an EAP-Kerberos scheme will 
perform more poorly than existing EAP methods.  

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