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Ru,mor N e*w,s+: 

Onco._logy M,e'd_. I.n+c_.  (,OTC: ONC O) a T'reatmen't S.oluti,ons Gro.up is s-a*i-d to h,a v*e 
expe_ri'enced o*v_e,r a 100+0% increas,+e in re-venu-es f-o-r t h'e f iscal 3+r*d q'uarter J,u+l-y,, 
2-0.0*7 compa*re_d w i+t_h t,h-e pr'ior y+e_a.r wh-ile f iscal fourt-h quart,er resu'lts f*o*r 2 0 0,7 a-r'e on
tr-ack to ex*ceed t'h'i+s year’ s thir,d qua-rter r.esults. 

O*N'C_O addit+i_onally pla+ns to inc*r ease se,rvice o,ffering.s a_r_e cur*rent+ly und+e rway. 
Do'n’t w*a+i.t f o-r t+h-e n*e w+s to c.o'm e o.u t a_n-d l'o-s_e t+h,e opportunit *y to g,e+t in fro nt of the

gen*eral i_n,vesting p ublic.  Onco+*logy M+e d is in a mul'tibilli+on d*ollar i_ndu.stry w,h,e r*e 

t h'e-y a,r-e ga,ining m+arket sh+are rapid-ly. 

C'a,l+l y_o-u r broke'r n.o w f o+r O-N C'O-.