(sipp) NSAPA mapping into IPv6

Ran Atkinson <atkinson@sundance.itd.nrl.navy.mil> Wed, 03 August 1994 03:15 UTC

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Subject: (sipp) NSAPA mapping into IPv6
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  I also would like to see the G bit disappear.  If/when CLNP
multicasting gets completely sorted out, it can be addressed further
at that time.  My preferance would be to map CLNP multicast groups
into the IPv6 multicast group address space and not consume additional
IPv6 address space.

  A general comment, not particularly directed at Brian's work, is
that the community needs to be careful to reserve most of the IPv6
address space for future use and minimise the amount of address space
that is initially allocated to any use.  I agree with Steve Deering's
observation that there is a natural tendency to think we have lots of
address space and so some folks erroneously believe that we don't need
to be as careful in allocating it.  

  I think that mappings from IPX addresses and currently-in-use NSAPAs
are useful.  It is not at all clear to me that mappings from E.164
addresses (that is, telephone numbers) into IPv6 addresses is a wise
use of IPv6 address space.



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