Re: (sipp) are you doing IPX mapping?

Joel Halpern <> Mon, 01 August 1994 22:56 UTC

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I must object to Bill Simpson's assertion.

There may be good reason's to object to the usage of 1/32 of the address
space for a portion of the transition plan.  However, the assertion by
one member of the community that "I object" does not constitute sufficient
reason to force re-drafting of the plan.  The proposal had clear text
indicating the reasons for the support, and the fact that a different
approach was preferred.  However, unless we are going to pretend that
the rest of the world does not exist, it is incumbent upon the objector
to either:
A) Present an alternative strategy which meets the needs,  or
B) Provide stronger reasons than his personal objections to the work
	going forward.

It is true that IP4 uses only 1e-28 of the address space.  That is because
the IP4 address are smaller.  While the NSAPs are arguably badly
designed, they are what they are.  Wishing will not make them different.

Thank you,
Joel M. Halpern
Newbridge Networks Inc.

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